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The following information identifies those cleaned, critical, semi-critical, heat-stable and heat-sensitive medical devices that have been validated by STERIS Corporation for processing in the STERIS® V-PRO® Sterilizer. STERIS's device validation program often includes working directly with device manufacturers to validate devices that can be processed in the V-PRO Sterilizer; due to the time it takes to update device Instructions for Use (IFU) and other labeling, the Device Matrix may contain devices prior to their appearance in the device IFU. Do NOT process any device in the V-PRO Sterilizer that the manufacturer has labeled as not suitable for processing in the STERIS® V-PRO® Sterilizer or in vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems. This site updates frequently. Consult and follow the device manufacturer's labeling and instructions for use for all processing, cleaning, handling and maintenance instructions. Consult and follow all product labeling and instructions for use for the V-PRO® Sterilizer.

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